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Leaving Certificate accounting provides students with the knowledge, understanding and skills in accounting and financial management necessary for managing personal and basic company accounts. The learning experiences in accounting develop students’ organisational, logical thinking, planning and problem-solving skills for their future life, work and study. It also develops their numeracy skills within the context of business and enterprise.

Course Overview

  • Accounting is concerned with the preparation, recording, extraction, presentation and analysis of financial information for the purpose of making economic decisions.
  • It teaches the skills and knowledge needed to understand how business works.
  • The syllabus will help you:
    • To create awareness of the business environment and to provide each student with the knowledge, understanding and skills leading to a personal competence and responsible participation in this changing and challenging environment.
    • To enhance numeracy skills and promote awareness of the use of figures, computations and statistics in the world of business
    • To expose students to aspects of business and enterprise with a view to career and working life, additional studies in accounting or as a basis for further education

Course Content

  • Financial Statements Preparation
  • Farm Accounts
  • Club Accounts
  • Company Accounts
  • Manufacturing Accounts
  • Financial Statements Analysis and Interpretation
  • Budgeting
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Cost Classification
  • Accounting Theory and Principles.


Leaving Certificate business creates an awareness of the importance of business activity and develops a positive and ethical attitude towards enterprise. The learning experiences in business develop students’ critical thinking, creative and organisational skills while enhancing literacy and numeracy skills using real-life examples. Business provides students with a learning foundation for a wide range of careers in business, marketing, law, enterprise and management.

Course Overview

  • This subject teaches the skills and knowledge needed to understand how business works.
  • This is a practical course that introduces students to the world of business in a straightforward and logical way. It aims to create an awareness of the importance of business activity and to develop a positive and ethical attitude towards it. The importance of people in business is highlighted.
  • The course sets out to illustrate the process of setting up a business and developing a new product or service. It emphasises the importance of good management and deals with skills and activities necessary for good management practice. It also deals with the impact of technology, foreign trade, global firms and competition and with business structures and the national economy.

Course Content

  • This subject is concerned with understanding the environment in which businesses operate in Ireland and in the wider world.
  • It also involves equipping the students with a positive view of enterprise and its applications in the business environment, in both the public and private sectors.
  • There are 7 core units covering the following topics: Introduction to people in business; Enterprise; Managing 1 & 2; Business in action; Domestic Environment and International Environment.
  • There is a common syllabus covering Higher and Ordinary level, which will fulfil the aims and objectives of the course.
  • It assists students to develop their education for adult and working life including the creation of positive attitudes towards self-employment.


The Leaving Cert History Course is split into two sections.

  1. 1. Irish History. Here students study anything from C.S Parnell, The GAA, Michael
    Collins right through to Ireland during WW2. The foundation of the Northern Ireland
    including various aspects of the troubles.

  2. 2. European History and The Wider World. Here students can study the foundation and
    destruction of Europe from before WW1 to after WW2 learning about rise of fascism
    and communism. Students may also learn about the influence of America including
    the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King and even the Moon Landing.
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