Our History

Our school is an amalgamation of two schools, with very different histories and traditions.

The present building stands on a site where the Quakers first established a school in 1786. In 1821, the premises was purchased by the Presentation Sisters, who set up St Mary’s College, a well-known girls’ boarding school which attracted students from all over the country, catering for a student population of nearly 500. It was noted for high academic standards. The school became co-educational in 1967 and discontinued boarding facilities in the mid 70’s.

Mountmellick Vocational School was established in 1966. It began by offering a practical education to local boys and girls, but in 1976 began to offer Leaving Certificate courses, and a balance of practical and academic education.

In 1990, both schools were amalgamated and ownership passed to the Department of Education, who set up Mountmellick Community School, under the trusteeship of the Presentation Order, the Bishop and County Laois Vocational Education Committee. The school is governed by a Deed of Trust which charges it with the mission of providing a system of comprehensive education to suit the talents of all the children of the area, and of contributing to the spiritual, moral, mental and physical well-being and development of the community which it serves.

We in this school are committed to this mission and the ideals which it embodies; we aim constantly to provide the best possible educational service to our community by combining elements from both traditions out of which our school sprung. We have set up a comprehensive programme geared to all aspects of pupil development, and are constantly seeking to improve it. We are proud of this programme, and of the levels of academic and extra-curricular success which our pupils have achieved.

When it set up, the Community School and the Department of Education undertook to carry out major refurbishment and re-equipment of the premises. Now this process is completed, and only those who can remember the past will appreciate the extent of the transformation. We are grateful to all those who helped to bring the building to its present condition and look forward to a successful Community School.

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